One-Stop Solution for Buying, Storing and Managing Digital Assets

DEXFIN platform for your digital assets: Buy, store and manage your digital assets, profit from staking, save on fees, take advantage of tokenization, and more.

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Take Part In Ongoing Crowdfunding Campaigns

Make use of tokenization – a new form of crowdfunding for companies and new growth opportunities; take part in promising projects at an early stage to benefit from their growth and future profit.

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Trade On-The-Go With Our Brand New Mobile App

Manage your digital portfolio even faster with our DEXFIN mobile app. Modern, intuitive, and most importantly secure mobile companion.

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DXF Token – The Driver and Backbone of the Entire DEXFIN Platform

Thanks to our DXF token, you will gain access to a number of benefits and services, especially discounts on fees, and access to special offers.

More About DXF Token
DXF Token – The Driver and Backbone of the Entire DEXFIN Platform

Raise Your Company Capital Using Blockchain Technology

DEXFIN enables promising companies to raise finances globally, continuously, and compliantly. Anyone who likes your product and your vision can support you easily, any time.

How Tokenization Works
DXF Token – The Driver and Backbone of the Entire DEXFIN Platform

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Our DXF Token, and more

Trade crypto currencies, coins and tokens as you like, manage your digital assets portfolio. Your orders will be executed in real-time, with extremely low fees.

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Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Exchange

Fast, secure non-custodial exchange. Discover new trading opportunities, while maintaing full ownership of your private keys.

First Class Security

First Class Security

Strict security standards: Our wallets are secured by MPC technology where the users are owners of their private keys. User personal data are highly encrypted.

Ease of Trading

Ease of Trading

Benefit from a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that you can organize according to your needs. Take advantage of fast deposits and withdrawals.

Low Fees Exchange

Low Fees Exchange

Take advantage of one of the lowest fees in the industry. Get up to 50% off fees on the DEXFIN platform

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