Exchange for Digital Currencies and Tokenized Assets

We digitize companies through tokenization. We are linking the token issuer to investors thanks to our licensed exchange for digital assets.

DXF Token

The DXF token is the driver and backbone of the entire DEXFIN project. Thanks to our token you will gain access to a number of benefits and services, but especially discounts on fees in our licensed exchange.

The pre-sale of our DXF token is underway.

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Digital Assets Exchange

You can trade our DXF token here, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and soon, tokenized assets, which we will be gradually adding thanks to our tokenization platform. Click the button, sign up and try it out to see how it works.


On the DEXFIN tokenization platform, we will digitize your company and issue your own token (digital stock or blockchain bond), thus opening the door for you to investors from all over the world. Click the button to see the benefits of tokenization.

Affiliate Program

Become one of our partners and start establishing global tokenomics with us. Click the button to learn more about the benefits and the DEXFIN affiliate program.

Our Advantages

Fully Compliant & Transparent Platform

Fully comprehensive, regularly audited accounting records. Our aim is to comply with all applicable regulations and international laws.

Ease of Trading

Simple and customizable interface with full tradingview integration.

First Class Security

Geographically distributed storage for wallets, strict security standards.

Support 24/7

Growing functionality

Fast deposits & withdrawals

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